Lawrence Adams
Founder & CEO of
Properties Clique, LLC

Happy New Year!!
It’s hard to believe that it’s 2015 and the start of a whole new year with new opportunities to invest with me and earn double-digit returns on your money. Your money should be working hard for you, and the way things are going in the economy, that’s not easy. Stocks are a shaky bet; precious metals and bonds are earning minimal returns. Other savings vehicles are barely registering any growth. But let me remind you of one investing vehicle that will consistently earn you double-digit returns - investing in real estate with me.
I am able to consistently earn my investors double-digit returns over and over. How? I’ve been investing in the real estate market since 2001 and despite the volatility of the past few years; I know how to find the best deals. I buy low, fix up the house and sell at or above market value. I have an extensive network and buy foreclosures or pre-foreclosures at far below market value. This allows me to take a hidden gem, bring in my rehab team, renovate the house up to neighborhood standards and sell it for a minimum $40,000 profit. I am able to do this over and over and over.
We partner with private investors to fund our deals and pay double-digit returns. To protect everyone, we have a formal closing; a mortgage and note recorded in public record and then quickly resell the property. We secure title insurance to protect all parties involved. Private funds allow us to purchase at a discount without ever having to rely on banks or mortgage companies for funding.  Some of the benefits of this strategy include:
q Each investment is secured by a note and a mortgage held in escrow.
q Typically need $60,000-$250,000 from investors.
q No bundling, pooling or combining of funds or loans. One investor per deal.
þ Individual Retirement Accounts qualify, including Roth’s.
þ Allows you to self-direct your investments.
þ Broker/Dealer sends money to title agent’s escrow account.
þ Title agent sends all money back to 3rd Party Administrator.
But how does that translate to money in your pocket? By becoming one of my private money partners, you are able to invest your own money into one or more of the property deals I find and realize anywhere from 12-15% return on your investment, often in six months or less. This yields an annual return of 15-25% annually.

Because of our relationship, I want to tell you about what we do at Properties Clique, LLC. In turn, you’ll come to think of me and my companies as your trusted resource. When you’re ready to start realizing bigger returns on your investments, call me directly at 225-366-8880.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Get Higher Returns On Your Money